Sunday, March 22, 2015

Riverfront Redevelopment in 2015

95 Roberts Street from the track side of the building

Joel Burgess of the Asheville Citizen Times did a Sunday front page article about the AVL Riverfront that is a great description of most of the projects currently in play.  The bits he missed include the historic renovation of 95 Roberts Street (due to be completed 2016 - 2017), The Smoky Park Supper Club, The AVL Food (truck) Park & Market and The Smoky Mountain Adventure Center all planning to open by summer 2015.

Smoky Park Supper Club getting its deck @ 318 Riverside Drive

Smoky Mountain Adventure Center on Amboy Road

AVL Food Park & market will be home to food trucks right across from Carrier Park @ Amoby & State Streets

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