Sunday, March 22, 2015

Riverfront Redevelopment in 2015

95 Roberts Street from the track side of the building

Joel Burgess of the Asheville Citizen Times did a Sunday front page article about the AVL Riverfront that is a great description of most of the projects currently in play.  The bits he missed include the historic renovation of 95 Roberts Street (due to be completed 2016 - 2017), The Smoky Park Supper Club, The AVL Food (truck) Park & Market and The Smoky Mountain Adventure Center all planning to open by summer 2015.

Smoky Park Supper Club getting its deck @ 318 Riverside Drive

Smoky Mountain Adventure Center on Amboy Road

AVL Food Park & market will be home to food trucks right across from Carrier Park @ Amoby & State Streets

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Belgium Tanks Arrive

Pre dawn, March 14, 2015 saw the start of a train of "elephants", like we used to see walk uptown from the AVL Riverfront back in day, when the circus came to town.  This time the "elephants" were in the form of stainless steel fermentation & bright tanks, on up to 127 foot long tractor trailers, arriving @ 91 Craven Street, the new home of the New Belgium Asheville Brewery.  Over the next 4 days, 30 tanks arrived in convoys of two or 4 at a time... the final tank being set in place on March 18, 2015.