Friday, February 28, 2014

New Owners @ Cotton Mill Studios & Robert Street Studios

Front row: Eileen & Marty Black, Denise Carbonell & Derek Dominy
 On February 28, 2014, Asheville's River Arts District experienced a changing of the guards @ two of its core art studio buildings.  Cotton Mill Studios' owners of 12 years, Eileen & Marty Black, have found suitable kindred spirits in Denise Carbonell & Derek Dominy to seamlessly continue the arts based studio/gallery experience we have come to know @ Cotton Mill Studios.  Denise & Derek come to Asheville by way of NYC and bring with them a fierce love of the artist way of life.  The ARAD welcomes them with open arms!

In addition, long time ARAD property owners, William & Lynnell Goacher, have seen fit to sell Roberts Street Studios to the owners of The Asheville Glass Center: Robert Gardner, Alex Greenwood & Logan MacSporran.  Time to celebrate another artist owned building here in the ARAD!
Robert Gardner, Alex Greenwood & Logan MacSporran toasting their new purchase!

The transition of 140 Roberts Street from the Goachers to The Asheville Glass Center guys continues a legacy in the River Arts District that is little known but greatly appreciated! In the mid 1990's, Bill & Lynnell Goacher, thru Willyng, Inc., bought a number of commercial buildings, providing reasonably priced space for artists & musicians, nurturing creative independent commerce of many kinds.  Always interested in "raising up the neighborhoods" they invested in, the Goachers. in 2002, saw the wisdom in selling 115 to 129 Roberts Street, now known as The Wedge Studios, to sculptor, John Roy Payne.  John, in turn, nurtured many young artists, again by providing very affordable live/work space @ Wedge Studios. In 2008, the Goachers sold Railside Studios to its anchor tenant, Matt Parris, owner of Roots Foods, enabling a national reach for our yummy local food. The Goachers are still partners in 2000 Riverside Drive, affectionally known as NORAD or River Arts District North. The ARAD offers a HUGE THANKS to Bill & Lynnell Goacher for their continuing vision, helping to support the cultural vitality of Asheville and beyond!

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